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Upper School

Head of Private High School at Germantown Academy

Dr. Molly MacKean
Head of Upper School

Debra Kennedy
Assistant to the Head of Upper School

Rachel Lintgen '90
Dean of Students

Rachael Jennings
Dean of Faculty

Upper School Stories

Upper School Art Students Create Women Across the Ages

部分灵感来自于去年四月去宾夕法尼亚美术学院的旅行, 然后是视觉艺术主任大卫·洛夫(David Love)班的三年级学生,他们被要求从他们的收藏中找到一幅画来做研究, which then transformed into large, five foot tall figure drawings.

Welcome to Upper School!

9th – 12th Grade

At Germantown Academy, our independent high school teachers strive to know students in purposeful, genuine ways, and travel together with them along their path through the Upper School. 我们的老师能够识别卓越的潜力或激情的火花,创造了一个培育但具有挑战性的环境,在这个环境中,我们的学生可以充分发挥他们的天赋.

我们鼓励学生深入思考并提出问题, to investigate and to discover, and to learn with and from one another. While our college prep curriculum certainly provides students with excellent preparation for college and beyond, 它还提供了探索全面的学习课程和追求现有兴趣领域的机会. We encourage our scholars, our athletes, and our performers to challenge themselves, to try, on occasion to fail, and, most importantly, to develop the resiliency and the resolve to persevere.

Innovative Upper School Programs

Harkness Method

Harkness Tables are more than just round tables in the Upper School. They provide a forum for learning and debate. 苏格拉底的方法,通过辩论和探究来学习,是GA所信奉的哲学. 从GA毕业的人知道,他们有自己的声音,并有义务使用它.


GA体验是一个年度计划,以两次不同的旅行的形式在全国各地提供课堂以外的学习机会. Each year, 9 - 11年级的学生可以申请参加这些旅行,通过独特的体验丰富他们的生活 GA Mission.

Academy Scholars

学院正规的电子游戏下载计划是一个对学术有热情的学生的机会, creative writing, visual art, performing art, or research (in the sciences, social sciences, 或者人文学科)通过发展和工作在一个重要的, independent project.


Their experience at Germantown Academy has not been easy. Their abilities have constantly been put to the test, and they have had plenty of long days and nights.

Like every student at GA, 他们必须学会如何平衡学业之间的时间, sports, music, volunteering, and activities outside of school. 但这一切都让他们为未来的挑战做好了准备.


— Steve B., Horsham

Upper School Traditions

The Upper School House System

Established in 2007, 上学堂系统为学生提供了一个友爱和导师的支持网络. Prior to entering 9th grade, each student is assigned to one of seven houses, 在他们的高中生涯中,他们将在哪里参加各种各样的比赛.


该校校长里奇·谢勒斯最喜欢的咒语之一是“把德国人放回德国城学院”." Each October, 高中部以振奋人心的德国民歌开始了晨会, followed by a feast of grilled sausages, pretzels and gummy bears out in front of the school.

Prize Day

In the culminating assembly of the year, 奖励日是一个承认GA高中学生许多成就的方式. Academic, Athletic, Artistic, Character, 服务奖和奖学金以学校历史上标志性人物的名字命名.